Vegetable broth Detoks

Vegetable broth usually used to add taste cuisines, such as soup and stew. Stock is usually sold content high salt. Therefore, the stock should not be consumed in the Detox program.

Vegetable broth of Luxury
15 ml sunflower oil
1 potato fruit
1 celery fruit
2 piece of garlic
1 sprig thyme
1 sheet bay
some stem parsley
600 ml of fresh black pepper mashed

* Clean all vegetables, discard the ends, then cut into pieces. Heat 15 ml of sunflower oil in a big panic. Add carrot, celery and potatoes that have been cut-cut.

* Panic closed in cooking for 10 minutes until soft. Then enter the garlic, thyme, bay and parsley while continuously stirred. Pour water into pot and boil.

* Shrink the fire and boil again for forty minutes with the pan closed half-open. Filter and add black pepper as add taste. Add this stock to your problem in as needed

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