The Sleep Aid Melatonin

A couple of months ago we set out to find the best sleep aid that we could. We obviously wanted to find something that was natural, herbal, and organic as possible. This ruled out most of the things sold in drugstores: prescription drugs, over-the-counter sleep aids, and medicines like Nyquil were quickly ruled out because of all the un-natural chemicals involved.

We quickly found that our best option on the market was melatonin. The side effects of melatonin are minimal, it comes in many different forms and strengths, and it is a naturally occurring substance in your body already. You may be asking yourself right now what is melatonin? Well, melatonin is the chemical that your body produces that tells your brain that you need to fall asleep.

Melatonin helps regulate your sleep cycle by controlling your circadian rhythm. As night time approaches and it starts to get darker outside, your body slowly increases the amount of melatonin in your bloodstream, which signals to your body that you’re ready to fall asleep. By taking melatonin in pill form, you are supplementing the melatonin that is already occurring in your body. This supplement increases the likelihood that you’ll fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time.

In our experiments, melatonin was extremely effective in helping our subjects get to sleep. As a bonus, it was not like some other drugs where you would wake up and feel groggy and not rested. Our subjects woke up feeling well rested. We recommend looking at melatonin if you have sleep issues as it may be able to resolve them in a natural way. Be sure to consult a physician, however, before taking this supplement.


red fruit

Sense of the curious property of Papua red fruit is encouraging many people to try it out. Result, the many testimonials of recovery but there is also no effect.

Is the plant is a medicine? Yellia Mangan, herbalis that many people cure cancer with herbal ingredients is of another. He is still a lot of research to be done on the plantation commodities popular this quickly.

According to him, based on testimony-testimony, that many are cured with red fruit. However, research has not been thorough. So, if will take advantage of red fruit should not be ongoing, but stop if thirst disease is cured. During take the medicine, Yellia also suggested to check the rough-cholesterol and blood sugar. In addition, should also be looking at whether the true effect can reduce uric acid (acid strand) or not. This can be done one or the lapse of two weeks after mengonsumsi juice red. If there are positive changes, the red fruit oil can be resumed, even medicine physician can also be abandoned.

Gynecology vitamin E are also high feasible. In general, the needs of vitamin E is an ideal 100iU. Meanwhile, for the fitness of the body can 400iU. Among women manopause need 800iU. Vitamin has obtained the body of 10-15 IU of food consumed each day. Individuals who consume supplements containing high dose of Vitamin E, it is recommended not consume red fruit, or if will consume, should leave the vitamin E supplement is. This is because vitamin E is too high can dilute the blood, in fact, even cause blindness. Consequently, although the fruit is classified as a red food supplements, pemakaiannya must be careful and in control of a doctor.

According to the conclusions Yellia, red fruit this function as imunostimulator, add stamina, adaptogen, lower blood pressure, prevent blindness, helps cure diabetes, prevent and help cure osteoporosis, improving the system of the heart and pancreas, and as antioxidants.


Vegetable broth Detoks

Vegetable broth usually used to add taste cuisines, such as soup and stew. Stock is usually sold content high salt. Therefore, the stock should not be consumed in the Detox program.

Vegetable broth of Luxury
15 ml sunflower oil
1 potato fruit
1 celery fruit
2 piece of garlic
1 sprig thyme
1 sheet bay
some stem parsley
600 ml of fresh black pepper mashed

* Clean all vegetables, discard the ends, then cut into pieces. Heat 15 ml of sunflower oil in a big panic. Add carrot, celery and potatoes that have been cut-cut.

* Panic closed in cooking for 10 minutes until soft. Then enter the garlic, thyme, bay and parsley while continuously stirred. Pour water into pot and boil.

* Shrink the fire and boil again for forty minutes with the pan closed half-open. Filter and add black pepper as add taste. Add this stock to your problem in as needed