Relationships Between Food Supplement and Diseases

What are the benefits and how to work food supplement to help overcome the disease is a question that often arises, remember this is only for medicines that can cure diangggap.

Disease is felt by someone who is usually highly influenced by lifestyle, status, nutrition, the influence of poison (toxin) environment, and damage or vulnerability that already exists as a genetic aberration. For example, at the beginning of the rainy season, many people experience flu. Conversely, why have people not get? One of the most common reason given is the difference in the system imunnya. Someone with a strong immune function can be protected from infection.

But a more precise answer is that the occurrence of balance disturbances caused various symptoms that overlap. Many of the causes behind someone infection, among others, because of exhaustion, not good nutrition, stress and other factors that culminate in a decrease in immunity function. By knowing the benefits of food supplement to help balance the achievement of return, will help to answer the questions at the beginning of this section.

Joseph Pizzorno, ND explained that a relative easy simptomatik disease, but the imbalance or interference basically still there, it will appear syndrome-syndrome and the other must be removed also. Many diseases have causes ganda, for example, that enfeksi easily recognizable symptoms and pemicunya (bacteria or virus). Although pemicunya already lost, for example, the antibiotic that became the basis of the therapy system infections in general, as long as the body immunity system has not improved, most likely an infection will occur. In addition, the side effects of antibiotics can damage the balance of intestinal flora.

New treatment approaches based on holistic business system to improve the basic health support to function effectively, in order to ensure good health. In this way we prevent it happening before.

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