Ginkgo Biloba: expedite Blood Flow

Biloba ginkgo has been used since 2800 BC in traditional China, as a drug to prevent brain health senile at the age of older. Main substance ginkgoflavono-glycoside of dikandung antioxidants ginkgo is a powerful network with the target brain to help work the brain. Protect health in the brain, ginkgo expedite the flow of blood to the brain to improve the function of nerve (neuronal) and protect from injury by neurotoksin.

In addition sumbatan ginkgo can improve blood flow that occur due to vessel constriction is ginkgo darah.Suplementation to restore Alzheimer (neurologist due penuaan disease), less blood to the brain Feed (iskemia celebral) interference and improve mental function due to chronic stress. From the effects in improving blood flow to the penis, ginkgo become the first choice as drug disfungsi seksua in men (impotensia)

Use: To help the flow of blood to the brain, use the capsule or tablet that contains the standard ginkgo biloba extract (24% ginkgo heterosida) 40 mg three times a day. For sexual disfungsi the recommended dose is 60 mg a day.

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