Benefits of Lychee Fruit

Lychee a sweet, rich vitamin content because it contains vitamin C and potassium is high. Substances-substances that are in leci can prevent and treat various diseases, including cough, stomach injury, and hypertension. Leci Fruit (Litchi chinensis Sonn) comes from the province of Kwantung and Fukien in Southern China. In the year 1873 this plant spread to Hawaii, then to Florida, USA in the year 1883. Kwantung and Fukien province in China is renowned as the largest fruit producer leci, followed by India and other countries. In Indonesia, the plant has not been so popular leci. However, due to have a unique taste and high economic value, this plant has also started to try dibudidayakan in Bali (Gianyar, Tabanan, Badung) and Cianjur. Leci is a subtropical plant that belongs to or in the soapberry family Sapindaceae. Known with some of the terms, such as lichi, litchi, lichee, laichi, Leechee, or lychee. Leci fruit has a high price, both in fresh and in processed form.

Dense Sugar
Gynecology leci water on the fruit is quite high, at around 77 - 83 percent, reaching 66 degree kkal energy per 100 grams. Most of the energy comes from carbohydrates (sugar), amounting to 59.5 kkal, the rest from protein and fat respectively kkal of 2.8 and 3.7 kkal. Gynecology leci carbohydrate in the fruit is quite high (16.53 g per 100 g fruit), which consists of different types of sugar.

Leci contains abundant glucose and sukrosa, so mengonsumsi fruit leci at night can increase the energy reserve for the next day. Gynecology sugar in the leci vary widely depending on the variety, but generally reach 10-13 percent. Leci is also a source of food fiber (dietary fiber) is tolerable, which is approximately 1.3 g per 100 g pulp.

Degree of fat in the fruit leci very low, so very good to be consumed by all age groups, including those who are berdiet to maintain or lose weight. Therefore, there is no limit how many leci that should be consumed per day.

Vitamin C and potassium
Vitamins on the most prominent leci fruit is vitamin C content with 71.5 mg per 100 grams of pulp. Mengonsumsi with 100 grams of fruit leci, can more than meet the needs of 100 percent vitamin C per day.

Vitamin C is the natural antioxidants that are useful for attacks against free radicals, causes penuaan early, and various cancer diseases. Based on the confidence, the adult is a lot of vitamin C added to the processed food products.

Mineral prominent in the fruit leci is potasium 171 mg, phosphorus 31 mg, 10 mg magnesium, calcium and 5 mg. Even with a low degree, leci also contains iron, zinc, copper, natrium, selenium, and other minerals.

Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium is a mineral essential triad for the formation of bone and framework of a normal body, so that it is required of children who are in a period of growth and also by adults to prevent osteoporosis rate.
Copper is a mineral antioxidants. The lack of this mineral can be possible in the body's normal mechanisms to eliminate the existence of free radicals that always form in the body.

Mineral copper (Cu) can form a complex enzyme system with antioxidants Superoksida Dismutase (Sod), which play a role in menetralisasi radical superoksida.
It is a very interesting attention from the mineral composition is leci comparison between potasium (K) and sodium (Na), which is very high at 171:1. This is very beneficial because the processed food we consume daily contain Na generally high, but very low K. Things that have caused the increasing number of people with hypertension in Indonesia.

Potassium (also called as potasium) very important role in increasing regularity heartbeat, the muscle contraction, regulating vitamin delivery to other body cells, to control the balance of fluids in the body of the cell network, and reduce high blood pressure (hypertension). Thus, if the unfortunate food processing often result in the low ratio of potassium natrium, resulting from the use of salt and MSG (penyedap think) excessive.

Consumption of food is expected to be high-K high Na complement consumption due to food that contains lots of MSG and salt. Ratio of Na and K in food every day that is recommended is 1:1. Nutrient composition of the full leci fruit can be seen in Table 1.

Acid content in fruit leci reach 0,20-0,64 percent. Most dominant type of acid is the acid malat reached 80 percent, while the remaining 20 percent consists of citric acid, suksinat, levulinat, phosphate, glutarat, malonat, and acid laktat. The combination of sugar and various types of acid is caused leci have that taste sweet and refreshing.

Obati Coughing and Pain Lambung
In the history of treatment, the fruit can be trusted leci treat cough and have a beneficial effect to heal gastralgia, tumor, and gland enlargement.

Has been reported that the fresh leci in Florida, can heal stomach wounds, so that people who previously felt able to return interfere with enjoying the food tasty. The causes of certain things is not scientifically known.

As well as litchi and apricot fruit, fruit leci also belong to the fruit of summer (as most mature in the cold), so that it is appropriate groups of people who consumed weak cold body.

Vital energy and spleen most of them weak, low metabolism basically, the body produces less energy, feet and hands also feel cold in the days of the summer though. They face more than white people, and rarely feel thirsty, and do not like cold food mengonsumsi. Fruits of a hot very useful for them.

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